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Yes, the site is really easy to navigate through with a lot of options and variety of dolls, customer service is solid. The product came fast and in good shape, very pleased. The quality of the sex doll is excellent. Very pleasant to the touch, and the quality of the material is good. Very tight, very comfortable. The sex doll is not the same as inflatable, it feels so real. I like it. Will buy again. Thank you!

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Yes, very nice service. Oh man I like this one!! big perky boobs!! Jiggle jiggle bounce bounce!! It is a very nice product. Treat the exterior with care and keep it clean and it should last a long time. Excellent seller. Very satisfied. Got here way quick.. great buy. Nice tool that works perfectly! Too cool! I love cuddling with this doll every night. I sleep good with her in my arms. Not bad for a first doll. Thanks a lot!

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Yes, it’s safe to buy dolls at this site. Absolutely love this doll! I had a great experience with the customer service here as the cs team was very helpful in making sure everything was right. The seller really knocked it out of the park with this one and I am very very happy with the results. It arrived a week sooner than was expected as well, and came with 2 bonus wigs and a sexy lingerie. Everything is in pristine condition and I cannot be more pleased with this sexy little princess. Thank you and thank you to the folks at the store!